Feature: Skull Dice

Recently added:
  • Cool looking RPG Skull Dice
  • The skulls lights up when the dice finished rolling
  • Easily customizable colors

Feature: Physics Based deterministic dice rolling.

You decide what the dices will roll:
  • perfect for when you want to separate the code from the visuals.
  • The dices rolls using the built in physics engine in Unity and will collide with your other objects/terrain.
  • You tell the dices what to roll(EG 1,2,3,4,5,6 and the dices will land with the correct number on top, including bouncing on your phycisal terrain)

Feature: Normal Roll

Normal Roll:
  • Roll the dices using Unity’s built in physics engine and each dice will give you the result during runtime!

Feature: D6 with several different texture included

Includes Albedo and Normal map for both Dots and numbers

Feature: Customizable Dices

Includes original .FBX models with textures in original formats with all layers preserved in .XCF(GIMP) and .PSD(Photoshop) for an easy way to make your own customized dices.

Feature: Works with just about any dice

Works with just about any dice The beautiful dice on the picture can be found at: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/dice-7cab77ba55bc454a843f57d322283c66 It can be imported free of charge, and works great with the DeterministicDiceRoller. Import 100s of different dices to suit your taste, or make your own.,,

Dice by Robert Ramsey.
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